Friday, September 17, 2010

Stereo Love

Every once in a while there comes a track that captures the zeitgeist and keeps spreading in the collective pop consciousness like an electronic pulse. Stereo Love – what a great name – is one of those songs. In 2009, Romanian musician Edward Maya released the track with vocals by Russian singer Vika Jigulina. The track exploded in Europe and reached top positions in the charts across the continent.

What really makes the track, of course, is the accordion part. That bit was taken from Bayatılar, an Azerbaijani song by Eldar Mansurov, who cried “plagiarism!” and ended listed as co-author of the international hit.

But this is not the end of this multi-cultural track's path. Stereo Love has just been released by Canadian singer Mia Martina in collaboration with Edward Maya. The Canadian version sounds slightly different from the original, but not by much… The video, shot in Toronto, makes the city look very cool. How did they do that?

(Here it goes, Ash.)

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