Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dancing iconography

Some videos I saw recently and I thought somehow went together in their morphing natures.

This new video by animation studio FILM BILDER, directed and animated by Andreas Hykade, has already received many awards for both music and animation.

This video collage was photographed and animated by Nina Paley and is supposed to illustrate the derivative nature of art. All figures were photographed at the Met in New York.

Another one from FILM BILDER, this one contains the art of nine designers in a video for the German hip-hop band Freundeskreis.

Lastly, the ever humble Kanye West is some sort of deity in his new “art video” directed by Marco Brambilla (author of the elliptical and ambitious Civilization.)

1 comment:

  1. Really liked the part in the Nina Paley video with the Byzantine crucifixes...his hands were like "give it up for Jesus!"