Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scissor Sisters

The Sisters were in town Tuesday night with their Night Work Tour at the Sound Academy.
For a pop group with queer sensibilities, Jake Shears and company turned out a show that was more rock 'n roll than dance. Since their sophomore album, the Sisters have ben struggling with an identity crisis: wanting to be taken seriously by the industry, yet known for their tongue-in-cheek camp, the band is trying to strike a balance between mainstream and underground. Unfortunately, they were more fun when they took themselves less seriously.
Not that they didn't try. Former go-go stripper Jake Shears is a bundle of manic energy in a tight little gym body with an aerobic performance of sustained falsettos and disco moves. I could barely get a picture of him in focus.
Ana Matronic looked demure in comparison, with a severe hairdo and clunky accessories.
The pair have good chemistry on stage and had one thing in common: their outfits were equally atrocious.
In terms of production value, the Night Work Tour could have used a little more sparkle. But the most disappointing part was opening act Casey Spooner, of Fischerspooner fame, who was stilted, amateurish and failed to engage the audience.
On the other hand, the Sisters' presence on stage is undeniable. They may not be as edgy and new as they were when I first saw them live in Lawrence, Kansas in 2005 (The Return to Oz?), but their concert is still entertaining, tight and high-energy. Highlights were Invisible Light, I Don't Feel Like Dancing (naturally) and the encore double-whammy of Filthy/Gorgeous and new single Any Which Way.
Overall, an energetic show that lacked a certain glitz and glam that put the band in the map in the first place. At least the view from Polson Pier had enough shine to make up for whatever was missing on stage.


  1. note the placement of the shadowy hand in the 7th photo...