Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wonder Woman Day 2011

Ring of reflection

French designer Arnaud Lapierre has created 'Ring', a series of mirrored cubes placed in 
a circular pattern at  at Place Vendôme in Paris, in collaboration with AUDI. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Only In Brazil

This one's from 2009, but it's been floating around on the net. A truck carrying guaraná soft drinks rolled over off a road in Rio and residents from a nearby favela had a field day.

Disco funk

What do all these videos have in common?

A diva of questionable gender.

The Illusionist

An utterly original story that shines an animated spotlight into Edinburgh in the 50s. The greatest testament to the storytelling is how dialogue is practically non-existent, yet each character communicates a world of complex emotions. Top-notch animation by Sylvain Chomet, a French-sounding soundtrack and very petulant rabbit. What’s not to like?

Phoenix Jones unmasks!

At the same time that sex and violence in comics seem to be grabbing a lot of headlines lately, the real-life superhero movement is taking a turn to the surreal that seems to come straight from the comic book pages. Last week Seattle’s defender Phoenix Jones dramatically unmasked himself and revealed his secret identity outside the courthouse after a hearing.

He had been arrested the week before for pepper-spraying a group of people he claims were fighting outside a nightclub in Seattle.

Meanwhile a group of costumed avengers in Salt Lake City started what they call a more "vengeance-based, tactical" group named Doomwatch. They're working with an official bounty hunter to learn laws and tactics, and they plan to be in high-crime areas so they can "take a more hands-on approach" and intervene in more altercations.

British Batman

These days, the British seem to have single-handedly taken over the creation of the modern American superhero mythos. Superman’s history is being currently re-written by Scottish writer Grant Morrisson and in the movies, he’s being played by The Tudors’ Henry Cavill.
Not to mention the new Spider-Man, one-time Doctor Who bit-part player Andrew Garfield (American but has lived in Surrey since he was three).
But none is as steeped in Britannia right now as the Caped Crusader. Christian Bale, cinema’s current Bruce Wayne, is British; director Christopher Nolan is British; and so are most of the co-stars from Gary Oldman to Michael Caine. His recent comic-book adventures are being chronicled by Morrison, who gave him a kid and a franchise. The new hit video game Batman: Arkham City was developed by London video-game developer Rocksteady Studio. And there is, of course, the Batman Live show which played until recently at the O2 Arena in London.
But as it has been noted, if the British have to put up with Robert Downey Jr. playing Sherlock Holmes, I suppose there are worse things than having American vigilantes with British wit.

Vinyl landscapes

Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenk created 'Cities', a collection of 15 wall clocks made of vinyl records depicting different iconic locations. The records are cut to show the silhouettes of buildings and environments associated with each city while keeping the original record label as is.

EN-V car

The EN-V electric car concept by GM began pilot testing. The zero-emissions vehicle is a two-seater powered by lithium-ion batteries that recharge from conventional outlets to a range of 25 miles (40 km).