Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brazilian Day

The second annual Brazilian Day in Toronto attracted thousands to Dundas Square, mostly to watch Ivete Sangalo, self-proclaimed “queen of Brazil.”

Ivete proved she can make the crowds move in the northern hemisphere as well as she can in the southern. She delivered hit after hit, but remains “the biggest star you’ve never heard anything about” in Canada.

Despite some goofy choreography, the concert was effective in getting people off the floor. Ivete was funny and in a great mood. She had just come from New York where she performed at Madison Square Garden for 15 thousand people. Even though Brazilian Day Canada was a much more modest event, Ivete was as enthusiastic as ever. She greeted the crowd in Portuguese, English and French, was gracious with fans and wasn’t afraid of the few drops of the rain she felt. Thankfully, she didn’t talk much about her newborn baby (whose name is also Marcelo.)

In the crowd, the diverse face of Brazil in Canada. And line-ups everywhere, in good Brazilian style.

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