Thursday, May 6, 2010


Visiting Quebec City is always a chance to go to another country without the currency exchange. La Vieille Capitale is charming in spite of the not always friendly francophones.

Unfortunately, the city doesn't live up to its gastronomical reputation. Within the stone walls of Vieux Québec, overpriced tourist traps abound. Outside, the options are not very inspired, unless you are into elk. If all else fails, there’s always the Chocolate Museum.

The view of the St. Lawrence River from the Château Frontenac is one of my favorites in the city. I just found out that the St. Lawrence used to be a hot spot for beluga whales, a community that somehow got isolated from the Arctic habitat where the other populations of beluga are found. More than 5,000 whales used live there. Today, only about 600 remain. I didn’t see any.

But I did have a sight (and taste) from the past: maple syrup popsicles made the old fashion way. For a tooney.

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