Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hot Docs 2010

Two movies in particular caught my eye at this year’s Hot Docs, Toronto’s documentary film festival. They were two of the five Brazilian documentaries presented at the festival.

The first was Secrets of the Tribe, about how the Yanomami tribe was “discovered” by a group of anthropologists and then royally screwed when said anthropologists started to seriously mess things up with their presence, influence and sexual shenanigans. Fascinating subject that could be even more engaging with tighter editing.

The other was Beyond Ipanema, an overview of international Brazilian music that goes from Carmen Miranda to Garotas Suecas at full speed without ever letting the beat drop. Director Guto Barra provides a much needed source of information about the influence of the Brazilian sound in places other than Brazil. Smartly edited, competently researched and lyrically inspired.

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