Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aberfoyle Junction

In a little town west of Toronto, in the middle of literally nowhere, there is a place where old streetcars still run and miniature cities thrive.

This is Aberfoyle Junction, a hand-made model railway that depicts Southern Ontario in the 50s. The attention to detail is incredible and many of the buildings are replicas of real ones.

But the highlight for me were the scenes of everyday life that you can catch by looking a little closer. You can even see inside the lighted passenger trains that rush by, and every corner has a little surprise.

The nights are rather short in this town, but they produce great views.

Soon it's morning again and the fun resumes at Aberfoyle Junction.

Right down the road, in Milton, the Halton County Radial Railway keeps streetcars from eras gone by still running every twenty minutes. A trip back in time, if there ever was one.

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  1. wow the pics of the little villages look really cool - if only ontario looked that green and that clean!