Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The most successful Norwegian band of all times played its farewell tour in Toronto on Monday. After 25 years together, the guys are breaking up. Even though they never recaptured the popularity they had in the 80s, A-ha produced quality pop and their work is among the best that decade produced.

The Ending On A High Note tour brings back many hits from my billboard. For some reason, A-ha was insanely popular in Brazil in the 80s and still draws quite huge crowds there. In North America they have a moderate but strong following and the fans in Toronto waited 24 years to see them live again.

The show had the precise measure of nostalgia and celebration. Vocalist Morten Harket hit all those high notes underscored by very cool imagery on the screen behind the band. Overall, a great concert. Too bad it was the last.

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