Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ultimate Pet Shop Boys DVD

The new Pet Shop Boys hits compilation may be a little redundant, but the real treat is in the DVD that accompanies the deluxe edition of Ultimate. The DVD features the Boys' various appearances on Top of the Pops, a music chart television show popular in Britain, and other BBC programmes. The little pocket shows that they created for television contain another visual layer of their career. Some of the shows recreate the imagery of the music videos; in others, we get rare glimpses of a Pet Shop Boys side that we outside of England have never seen (Neil wearing glasses onstage!) The videos go from vintage 80's glory, with Neil lipsynching to West End Girls and Chris looking youngish to the controversial political satire of I'm With Stupid. There is also some very odd stage sets and audience participation, an amazing appearance of Dusty Springfield in a mumu on stage in 1988, Chris' mysterious blond hair phase in Flamboyant, and Neil's hair going from curly locks to chrome dome. Through the ages, the Pet Shop Boys made looking bored on television an art form.

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