Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

Yes, yes, Nicki Minaj. Again. The girl rapper seems to be everywhere at the same time these days, appearing on everybody's tracks including Mariah, Aguilera, P. Diddy and Rihanna. She's a little crazed and but she's also smart and she means business. This debut album keeps a firm foot on hip-hop but plays around with all kinds of genres, mash-ups and samples, with nods to Prince, Grace Jones, Simple Minds, Annie Lennox and even The Buggles. Minaj goes from singing like a Barbie doll to cussing like a sailor in the skip of a track. Despite ill-advised guest spots from Eminem and and some schmaltzy pseudo-ballads, the album is tight and Minaj's rhymes are off the hook. She's hot and hilarious. Check out her video for Check It Out:

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