Friday, October 23, 2009

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Good Hair

For a documentary done by a comedian, Good Hair is neither particularly probing nor funny (even though it has some amusing moments). The subject matter (how Black women do their hair) is mysterious and controversial, but Chris Rock misses the point and goes for the easy jokes. Stereotypes abound, but he's Black, so I guess it's ok.

True Love Lies

Despite the great title, Brad Fraser's latest play left much to be desired in this production at the Factory Theatre. The plot lacked depth and the acting was merely serviceable, giving the script a rushed delivery that only made the dialogue seem even more artificial. Not my favorite of Fraser's scripts.

Body Worlds

The exhibit of desiccated real bodies in athletic poses at the Ontario Science Center focuses on the heart and all that is related to it. But it goes beyond just bones and muscles -- it also features fetuses in different degrees of development, a sci-fi looking artificial heart, the 3D vascular systems of a chicken and a lamb, and a giraffe thinly sliced in dozens of layers. Totally fascinating.

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