Friday, October 23, 2009


Cirque du Soleil’s latest installment -- and my first time under their tent -- adds a Brazilian flavour to the Cirque’s antics, courtesy of celebrated Brazilian choreographer Deborah Colker who conceptualized and directed the show (it even features a live band playing Brazilian music as the soundtrack for the acrobatic acts). The action revolves around the life of insects and the costumes and make-up are amazing, as expected from a Cirque du Soleil productions.

Unfortunately, the titular egg is more of a backdrop than an essential part of the show. The stars are the variety of bugs that come out to do stuff with their bodies. There are red ants that spin kiwi slices with their feet, rock-climbing grasshoppers, spiders that can fold their bodies in half backwards, flying cockroaches on the trapeze and a horny ladybug for comic relief. In a specially great aerial rope sequence, a human butterfly leaves its cocoon and spreads its wings. Above it all, giant tropical flowers blossom.

OVO does what the Cirque does best: Bending backwards to illustrate a concept through contortionism, juggling, high-wiring and pantomime. And this time, with a Brazilian twist. Overall, great art as entertainment. And a great way to celebrate a birthday.

"Hmmm... Eggs!"

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