Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In the music world, the live concert is an art form in itself. Something that sounds exciting and visionary on record, can sound less than extraordinary live. Case in point, Swedish pixie Robyn this past weekend at Echo Beach.

Don’t get me wrong, Robyn got shown a lot of love and her set was filled with pop stompers that were worth the price of admission (she has, after all, put out a trilogy of excellent electronic music last year). But there was a lack of visual style to the whole production that made the whole thing look like an aerobics competition at times, with Robyn as the only contestant.

The fact that she decided to have a team of tech guys doing by hand what sequencers are for can be be seen as idiotic, considered insane or lauded as avant-guarde.
In the end, is it cheesy pop? Maybe, but one fact remains: Robyn is doing the best cheesy europop out there right now. And speaking of out there, Toronto’s own Boy George (or white Grace Jones) Diamond Rings opened for Robyn with a spasmodic but fun concert.

Diamond Rings

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