Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Is it just me or is Wonder Woman everywhere these days? Even at the mall: she just released a makeup line for MAC. When does she find time to save the world? (Drawings courtesy of the great Mike Allred.)

New t-shirts and fashion shows at the New York Fashion Week borrowed heavily from WW’s sense of style and iconic imagery.

At carnaval, a magazine had a special spread on heroines, and guess who looked better naked and spray-painted?

And the talk on TV is the new Wonder Woman series, for which casting has been ongoing. Elizabeth Hurley was cast in the pilot as the superhero nemesis (not any of the classic ones, mind you).

Speaking of Wonder Woman TV series, check this pilot for a silly and thankfully unaired show.

Now it’s just wait until she gets off that silly costume she’s been in lately.

Here are some fantastic Wonder Women that Brazilian artist Ed Benes has been producing for the Amazon lately.

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