Monday, July 5, 2010

Pride Toronto

Pride Toronto 2010 celebrated the event's 30th year. Here are some of my highlights.

What a better way to start Pride if not getting to know "the man with a pussy." Buck Angel is a very personable character and delivered a great talk before stripping naked and making out with half of the transguys in the audience.

The funnest part of this Pride, however, was an event that wasn't even part of it. The Toronto Jazz Festival brought Chaka Khan to Dundas Square for a free show. The concert was very upbeat and confessional, with Chaka telling us lots of interesting personal stories. Her voice was amazing and could be heard three blocks away.

On the other hand, the Pride-related concert was a total bummer. Cyndi Lauper forced her corralled audience to listen to her boring new Blues album for an hour, before playing barely recognizable versions of Time After Time, Girls Just Want To Have Fun and Money Changes Everything. Indeed. It actually made the people there not want to buy her album.

The performance I was most excited about was by Laura Landauer's, CĂ©line Dion impersonator extraordinaire, who always brings the house down. Laura not only looks like a dead ringer of the most famous chanteuse in the universe, she also has the voice and Dion-isms down to the last wink and twirl. Despite sound problems, her show was still one of the most entertaining of the weekend.

But overall, from all the Pride activities, the gayest one was waiting outside St. James Cathedral to catch a glimpse of the Queen on sunday morning. Not sure if she made down to the parade on time, but she looked fabulous as usual.

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  1. The dude in the 1st pic is totally hot. ;-)