Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Diana Ross

La Ross stepped into Roy Thompson Hall Monday night in a multitude of sparkling gowns and a 18-piece band for one of the few concerts she's doing this year. The More Today Than Yesterday Tour revisits her hits and gives Ms. Ross a chance to show off how she's still fabulous at 66.

After more than 50 years being a diva, she's everything you would expect and more. When she's on stage, you know you are in the presence of something special. She is all gracious smiles and friendly handshakes (apparently she softened with age) and her voice can still make you dance.

And then there were the costume changes.

She pulled gay boys from the audience on stage, sang "I Will Survive" and asked if we were too young for any of those songs, as if anyone is ever too young or too old for them. There were comments about her impersonal delivery and weak voice, but I couldn't disagree more. It has been said, Diana Ross still reigns supreme.

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  1. i like the juxtaposition of her 2010 pic with the one from the 70s where she looks like a skinny little boy...