Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 pictures

Incredible images from the Travel Photographer of the Year competition.

Akash from Bangladesh, 2009 winner.

Poras Chaudhary, India, winner of Homeland Portfolio category.

Craig Easton, UK, highly commended.

Johan Ensing, Netherlands, Best Single Image, People of the World category.

Kym Morris, Australia, A Traveller's Tale category.

Jonathan Banks, UK, runner up in the Festival, Fiesta & Celebration category

Sue Flood, UK, winner of Best Single Image, Natural Wonders

Louis Montrose, US, commended in Natural Wonders category.

Louis Montrose, US, winner in the Festival, Fiesta & Celebration category.

Kevin Ummel, US, runner up in Postcards from Anywhere.

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