Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brazil quickies

The Rio Pride Parade brought in more than a million people to Copacabana last weekend, and the rain was no deterrent to revelers.

Even Spider-Man turned up, ‘cause he’s an upstanding guy and totally for civil rights for everyone. Spidey was in town to receive the key to the city (something related to a live action show next weekend) and I don’t really know if he attended the parade or not, but the crime rate in Rio was very low this weekend.

Rio just won best gay destination in the world. It seems like they're winning everything these days. Things are changing really fast in the Wonderful City. I don’t even think there was a parade when I left Brazil, a little over ten years ago. I’m not exactly fan of pride parades, but it works as a symbol and the cause needs all the help it can get down there.

Speaking of gay and Brazil, some new movie productions seem to be pushing the envelope in Brazil, while Hollywood is still doing the funny gay movie. Out of Brazil comes Do Come ço Ao Fim (From Beginning To End), the story of two step-brothers who fall in love. Hot!

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Santoro is Jim Carrey’s lover in I Love you Phillip Morris, which looks pretty bad. No wonder they’re having a hard time finding distribution in the US. It's got distribution guaranteed in Brazil, though.

On an gay-unrelated note, what looks really good is Dobro de Cinco, a movie based on a Brazilian graphic novel by Lourenço Mutarelli. The production uses live action and 3D animation.

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